Export score

When I try to export a Score to PDF only one bar is visible on each page, Wjhat is wrong? Tje parts works!

Hi Margaretha, can you share the project, even a cut-down version/duplicate that only contains some of the music if you don’t want to share the whole thing? It’ll be a lot easier to work out what’s happening that way.

Thankyou, this is a part of the soundfile!

tarkovski 13.dorico (940 KB)

You’re viewing the full score in galley view, which is used internally in Dorico for editing and inputting but isn’t used in exported documents.

If you switch to page view, you’ll see the staff size is very large. In Layout Options, you’ve set it to 6mm for a single space, which is the gaps between lines in a 5-line staff rather than the whole 5-line staff overall. If you change the staff size in the full score layout to 6mm overall (rastral size 5, space size 1.5mm), it immediately looks more like what you’d expect.

Where do find Layoutoptions?

Try following the second link in my last reply (this one) - it’s a full set of instructions for how to change the staff size, including opening Layout Options.

I dont find layoutoptions under view? Margaretha

It’s on various menus, dependent on which mode you’re in - Setup mode has it on the Setup menu, Write mode has it on the Write menu etc. As per step 1 of the procedure in Lillie’s linked help page, the quickest way from any mode is Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-L.