Export selected audio files in pool

How would one go about exporting the selected audio files in the pool?

Right now I see two ways:

  1. Not use the pool to export them, rather do a normal audio mix down

  2. Go to the project’s audio folder

I was curious if there was just a way to select them in the pool and have a function to export/save them to a different folder.



Could you elaborate?

If you are referring to creating a library; I am not sure how this method would allow me to just export selected audio files within in a pool. Perhaps it can, but I am unfamiliar with the method.

Thanks for the response though.

Seems the thing to do would at least investigate the feature to find answers, no? :confused:

Nevermind the riddles… Your #2 way is just making file copies, which could be what you want to do, but you might want to look into ‘Project Backup’. This will create a complete copy of your Cubase project including audio pool. In the copy project audio pool, delete the unwanted files.

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Yeah, I have no time for the riddles/foolishness; I do appreciate the response. Got swamped here and couldn’t make it back until now to respond.

About what N* posted above; I investigated after he suggested and only followed up after it didn’t end up making anything easier/more streamlined.

The reason I was asking is because I was re-recording / mixing a bunch of samples for a library developer. I usually use Digital Performer for this, but for certain reasons, decided to use Cubase this time.

What I ended up having to do was just mix/re-record, then grab the files from the project’s audio folder. Interestingly enough, sometimes there were extra wave files, even though I never recorded them. For example: say I was recording something called “Flute_c4_122_127_01,” mysteriously a “Flute_c4_122_127_02” would appear.

This method worked, but involved way too much work compared to using other DAWs for the same exact purposes. Quite a shame.

Thanks ya’ll.

Depending on what exactly you had needed:
“Audio” -> “Advanced” -> “Events or parts as region” -> “In the pool select the regions” ->“bounce selection” -> in the popup define desired storage folder for the samples.

thinkingcap - your instructions seem to be describing two different methods, not one sequence of a process. What am I missing?

It is one sequence

Maybe if you tell me what exactly the problem is…?


Here’s what I have in 6.5:

Audio>Advanced>Event or Range as Region…? It may be autopilot for you but the rest of what you suggest doesn’t come up, not: >“In the pool select the regions” ->“bounce selection” -> in the popup define desired storage folder for the samples.

What am I missing?

Sorry -“in the pool select regions” is not a Cubase command, but should read: after you´ve done that, go to the pool and select the newly created regions.
From there right click -> “bounce selection”…

Ah, thank you, this makes more sense. :smiley:

thinkingcap - Hi again. OK, looking this over I realize there is not a ‘Bounce Selection’ option from the Pool file. At least none that I can find. If this were possible, to ‘bounce’ a wave file from the Pool folder to an independent folder - instead of via the Mixdown function - this would be much quicker, obviously. I just don’t understand how it can be done.

For that matter, if Cubase had a function like the one in the Project, that lets you find the particular track in the Pool - but instead the project audio folder!!! - well that would be great.

So what else am I still missing?

Thinkingcap, ‘right click> bounce selection from pool’? I don’t have this option in C6.5.4 that I can see.

What am I missing?

“bounce selection” is not the same as the “mixdown” function

You need to select the newly created regions / parts which appear when expanding the original events in the pool.