"Export Selected Events" Takes very Long Time

Hi there. Having migrated from PT, I’m having a rough time figuring out why exporting a completely dry event takes soooo long in comparison. It should be the equivalent of simply copying a file from the Audio folder to the folder I’ve chosen (without having to manually do that, of course). In fact, if I were to navigate to the folder where the file is located and simply copy it, it takes only a second or two.

Let’s say I print two sequential 30 second mixes to a stereo PRINT track. So on that track, I now have two 30 second stereo events. If I select them and hit Export Selected Events and choose DRY, it should be almost instantaneous. In every other DAW I’ve used, it is. Why does it take so long in Cubase/Nuendo? Am I missing something? Is there a simple way of exporting selected events that is faster? If only Reveal in Finder actually worked, that might be a solution, but it doesn’t work either. Thanks in advance!