Export selected tracks weirdness

Hi folks,

Imagine this:

I have 3 tracks:


My drums started recording exactly at bar 5 (via punch-in recording)

However, when i recorded my bass, i started the recording at bar 4, but only actually start playing at bar 5.
After i recorded the bass, i trimmed the start of the bass object also to start at bar 5.

Now the weird part: if i do: file > export > selected tracks, Cubase will export the kick and snare as WAV files with the drum hits starting immediately (well, kick on beat 1, snare on beat 3, but you know what i mean)

But it will export the bass track with a bar of nothing before the bass starts. Presumably because that’s where the actual recording started.

But of course i don’t want this, that’s why i trimmed off the first bar of the bass recording.

This doesn’t make any sense to me: Cubase chooses to export each track from the beginning of the actual recorded audio. But this is useless because it means my exported track audio is out of sync, unless each recording started at the exact same moment in time.

Why doesn’t it export each track from the song start? Or export the region defined by the locators.

The way it is now, the function should actually be called: “export the entire WAV file used in any region on all selected tracks”

Anyone got any ideas how to do this? Perhaps i’m just being and idiot and doing something wrong?

You may be wondering why i want to do this. The reason is to be able to create multi-channel WAVs for re-importing into Cubase for multi-channel warping, as in this Youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVXFw9yRFOo