Export Selected tracks

for the export dialog: please include 2 little tick boxes:

  1. exclude audio for export
  2. exclude all automation data

like that it is possible to access track settings into projects without the ballast of any audio and without the clutter of automation data

unless i have overlooked a more elegant way to get settings from other projects fast into the current project that does include ALL types of tracks like FX, Instrument etc.

what ties into this:
why can i only import audio tracks directly from a cpr file and not all track types? it would circumvent the above process completely and would give full access to all track types from other projects!

why can i not at all save and recall the settings of input channels?

There are quite a few posts floating around about this kind of thing. We currently have to use a combination of 3 different options to achieve what you’re looking for: track presets, import/export track archive and save/load mixer channel settings. Unfortunately all of these features have shortcomings and are half-baked.