Export Selection (A Bounce In Place Workaround)

Export selection.

This is a macro someone on here taught me

Would like to share again. This macro Sets the locators to a selected event, solo’s that track, and opens up the export dialogue.

save it to a key command and its as close as (I think) you can get to bouncing midi to audio in as few clicks as possible

not a bounce in place. but its very useful

read the manual on setting up key commands, setting up macros if you need to - its easy

But what you have to do is. Open up key commands, show macros, new macro, then set up the following by ‘add command’

Transport - locators to selection
Edit- solo
File- export audio mixdown

set it up assigned to a key (I use CTRL + ALT + B) as you can see on attached

Hopefully my screenshot helps

Export Selection.png

If you add “set indicator to left locator”
and activate “reimport exported audio event at indicator”
it should work even quicker.

Sry, if not the correct terms, I’m running it in German.

Can you please translate to english exactly cause I can’t find this comands.