export selection to audio possible?

Is there a way to only export a selected part of the score to audio?

Not yet, but this is the sort of functionality that we expect to implement at some point, along with choosing which players and which flows you want to export. (and beyond that the ability to export stems, etc…)

I haven’t tried this yet, but what happens if one clicks ‘solo’ on the main Mixer for only tracks he wants rendered?

Does that work?

If not, I’m pretty sure pulling the volume all the way down for unwanted instruments would work.

It should work. In the fullness of time I expect that we’ll have scripting support for audio export too, so you can have scripts to generate your own custom mix stems, which I think some users will find very useful.

yes, that will probably work, but I mean to export a selecting that includes all instruments. In Sibelius I do this by creating a new score from a selection and bounce that new score to audio. I am sure this kind of functionality will be implanted elegantly at some point in Dorico.