Export Separate Audio?

I have some old sample CD’s that contain audio only with multiple samples/loops per track. I have imported a track into Cubase and used the Detect Silence function to chop out the loops.

My question is this; I now have multiple audio clips on one track, can I export them as separate files in one go, and if so how?

Obviously, I don’t want to have to manually move each clip onto a separate track, or locate each one with the loop markers and export them one by one, so is there any way of doing this fast?


You can make Cycle Marker around every single Audio Event. Then you can set the Export Range to Cycle Markers in the Export Audio Mixdown window.

Or you can select the track (not the Audio Event) and go for Render in Place. Then you can find the rendered files in the Audio folder.

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I used the Render In Place function, and it exported the files to the designated folder. However, it created a duplicate track, and after closing the project the files disappeared from the folder. So, this solution is far from ideal.


Yes, Cubase creates a new track with the Rendered Audio Events.

Did you save the project?

You could also Bounce Selection, but you would need to do it one by one.

For anyone attempting the same chore, I would recommend using Awave Studio. It did the whole job in one go and only took a few seconds.