[Export] "Set to Project Name" as checkbox instead of drop down

It’s all in the Subject line
I have no idea of how others do it but I export A LOT of sketches with the name of the project as the name of the exported file for reference so I can listen to a batch of them without having to open Cubase for each project.
I’d be surprised if I was alone.
Now … each and every time I have to drop down the little menu and click on the same item to set the name of the exported file to that of the project.
It seems however like Cubase remembers the name of the file the Template is based on or something vague I haven’t figured out
It would be extremely convenient to have two checkboxes there instead like “Set to Project Name” and “Auto Update Name”.
And of course “Set to Project Name” should default to the current project name as default unless it’s still “Untitled-01”.

[silly rant mode]
I just thought about WHY I even bother with asking and I guess it’s a PC thing for me as I find it much faster to use the keyboard than the mouse
Mac users seem to like mousing around more without complaining but to me it’s so much less brain drain to forget about the damn mouse as much as possible.
It’s generally OK with programs that use either almost exclusively mouse or exclusively almost keyboardbut Cubase is halfway in between which to me is the worst of both worlds!
[/silly rant mode]

Thank you!

I don’t remember if this option is/was in CB Pro 9.5.30 (listed in your signature) but, in CB Pro 10 you would get what you want by going to the Export Audio Mixdown>Setup Naming Scheme menu and then drag the “Project Name” attribute into the “Result” field and hit “OK”.

Results of this would be a mixdown named: “Project Name.xxx”
If you save the project again it would be named: “Project Name-01.xxx” unless you choose to overwrite the mixdown file.

Unless you change it, this setting remains for subsequent projects.

Please correct me if I misread what you are asking for.

Regards :sunglasses:

Well, nope, that’s not what I mean.
I just want to get rid of an extra step of having to select “Set to Project Name” sooo many times.
It would make sense to me to have the Preference dialog box having an item for Audio like it has for MIDI
You can set MIDI export/import preferences globally there and it would be great to have one for Audio files as well.
Then you could just set it and forget it and that’s what I want. :sunglasses:
But it would be great to also have checkboxes in the Audio Expört dialog box for project specific settings.
Dropdown lists have their place but that’s not the place!!!

I agree that the mixdown dialog needs general improvement. But, I’m still not sure about why you have to select “Set to Project Name” so many times. For me, I set it once (as I described above) and that setting remains for subsequent projects. No need to change it again. Even for audio mixdowns.

My big beef with the mixdown dialog has to do with certain settings (like those entered into the IDE3 dialog). These get changed to whatever was entered during the last mixdown. I would much rather have these types of settings saved with each individual project.

Regards :sunglasses:

Yeah, it’s kind of half-baked in a lot of places and it’s really close to a very good tool in a lot of places.
That just adds up to giving users more headache when you can “almost” do what you want … but not really, in the end.
Good programs and apps you don’t notice. The export dialog in Cubase you have to stop and double check no matter what you do.