EXPORT settings saved PER PROJECT

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I haven’t installed N7 yet so cannot say if it is in this release yet, but I would really love to have export settings saved per project.
With different projects and needs (MP3 assets with marker and multritrack export, Wav 48kHz stem multitrack eport, one single mixdown in 44.1/16 etc.) I have to constantly check that my settings, naming, markers/multritracks etc. are correct for each project when switching between them.

Would it not be great if they were saved with the project, not the last settings used (apart from directory, which seems to be remembered per project.)

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Yep had a few annoying moments where I have exported the wrong type of file after switching projects in a hurry.

+1 Yes, please. This would minimize mistakes and save time. We have more than one engineer using the DAW, so you have to triple check export settings every time you open your project. Not to mention switching between your own projects. They all have different settings depending on the clients needs.

Nuendo is great,


HUGE +1. This is driving me nuts, too.

And thinking about it, I cannot understand why this is a global setting. I never render to one global folder. I always render to a subfolder of the project. And for voice-over projects, I always render out mono files. For movies, stereo or 5.1. And so on. But when I jump from one project to the next, I always have to re-adjust all the settings. Back and forth and back and forth. So annoying! It would be great if this was saved per project!

It’s really import to have the possibility to save the export configuration per project.

Each customer wants a different file format, or eg. my VO-Recording are allways 48khz mono.

To set up the configuration ervery time is really annoying.

Big Big Big +1

+1. Makes sense.


This is driving me nuts, too.

Me too.