export sounds different than control room

Got a strange problem, which i’ve not heard before, an exported track sounds different from what i hear in the control room, there are no plugins in the controlroom mixer, but after export the track sounds wider with more verb so it seems, i first thought it was Mediaplayer, but it sounds the same when inported back into cubase.

never heard this problem before, any idea what this can be?

Are you sure your main outs are dis-abled in the outputs tab of vst connections?

That ^ and as an outside chance have you switched the control room into mono?

the main-outs are different outputs than the control room so these are not doubled
the mono thing could be as i have been playing around wth setting up studio’s

good tips will check both and come back

Saw someone else posting that they had different outputs selected in vst connections but still had the doubling effect in the monitors.
Sounds likely to be your problem. Disable the main outs completely when using control room.

it was the cycle button in the control room, for some reason it was cycled to mono.
must have been so wrapped up in the production that i didn’t notice.

haha… it’s good to check stuff in mono every now and then :smiley:

Strange thing how focus blurrs your thinking, rather than asking the right question “why does my C6 sounds so narrow” i immediately jumped to “why does my export sound soo wide” … :laughing: