Export Stems with Output FX, is possible?

Export Stems with Output (master track) FX, is possible?

If not, could be good to add this feature in Cubase 11.5

FL Studio can do this…

I´m fairly new to Cubase but one thing I´m sure, there´s a great manual online and before asking it´s always good pratice to make sure that something is not on the manual and use the forum search tool.
Anyway. In the Export Audio Mixdown window there is a field called Effects above “file format” where you can choose what´s the export point for all your stems export.


Simply bypass effects before exporting? Alternatively, route all you tracks to a ‘pre master’ group first if you wish to export both versions simultaneously.

Not sure if my question was properly made, what Im looking for is to export by stems in a batch process and keep the Output / Master channel FX that was added to the whole project in the Master channel. So in this case if I have an EQ in the master channel, the whole stems will have that FX (in case is possible). Otherwise I should make manually render by render…

you are partly right, however sometimes is nice to have support from users who have clear the specifications on this kind of things, that’s why the forum exist for us… if you’re new here, you’ll soon notice that we like to help each other with little doubts like this… BTW thanks for the link but anyway I’m still in doubt… :confused:

Im not right now in the studio but I guess you mean this one:

Master/Groups/Sends (CSPM)Includes insert effects, EQ, and other channel settings. Also includes effects and settings in all channels, for example, group and FX channels towards the output channel, and the insert FX and EQ settings of the output channels. The channel configuration is exported post-panner

Are you sure that If I export in batch process the stems will keep the Master Channel FX? Did you tried before?

I havent tried using batch but im quite sure it will do the process you are looking for.
Did you manage to test it ?