export tempo and signature tracks !@£@£


Since we’re about to get to version 7, can we please pretty please finally have a way to simply export a tempo and signature track and import it into another session?

It seems ridiculous that after all this time we still don’t have this abillity, let alone needing the ‘export tracks’ function in the first place…what’s wrong with importing from an existing session without having to jump through intermediate file hoops, or having to export a lower resolution midi file to even get a tempo track?


Tempo track exporting has been possible for years, but I agree that time sigs would be handy on occasion.


Hi jorisdeman, have you tried copy/paste or drag & drop of selected events (tempo + sig track) from one project to another ?
I think that did the trick for me a while ago.


Old thread but was googling for the best way to do this and this showed up, and I just want to confirm that copy/paste between two projects is probably the best and fastest way. Thank you for the tip! :smiley: