Export to FLAC question

So I’ve had the 6.5 upgrade for a few days, and just a few hours actually checking it out… I exported a little thing to FLAC to compare to hq MP3, (happy with the results), however, I cannot find documentation on the slider… which way is better/more compressed? Didn’t see it mentioned around here either… anyone steer me on this? Thx :sunglasses:

I think FLAC, as implemented in Cubase is meant to cut down on project size rather than to simply serve as an alternative export format to wav or mp3


Thanks, didn’t find that one when I searched. So the higher the number the higher the compression when exporting?

You’re welcome, I had that sort of referenced for the future so I knew where to look for it. But sorry, I haven’t moved beyond that, so someone else will need to answer the nuts/bolts questions.

Thanks -

so when a FLAC file is em… unFLACed the result is identical to the original regardless of the amount of encoding!

Why then have difering FLAC encoding at all?

The only reason I can think of is if FLACing on the fly a lesser encode would use less FLACing power!

Its a flacking dilemma… :open_mouth: :laughing: