Export to General MIDI without changing Expression Map?

I frequently like to export to MIDI, so I can handle the playback in a DAW, but when it exports, it exports the keyswitches and expressions from Dorico’s default, which always shows up on the DAW as extra notes.

Is there a way to export to general MIDI without manually changing all the Expression Maps to “General MIDI” individually?

You could change to the HSSE (elements) sound template.

That would get you pretty close in most cases (Uses the Default velocity-based expression maps, CC7 is used for hair pins and such for some instruments, some might use CC11, but you won’t get any bank/program change calls included).

For Dorcio 3.5 and Dorico 4 (not sure about older versions) you can find those options under Play/Playback Template…. I think the Play tab has to be in the foreground to get a 'Play" menu. Your entire score should swap over to those sounds upon clicking ‘Apply and Close’.

Give it a try with a backup copy of your project.

If you need the program changes and all as well, I think you’d need to find or build a GM Template. I haven’t gotten around to building a full GM template for that including program changes and all or I’d share it with ya, but it’s possible.

Maybe I’ll work one up in spare time and post it up here (if someone hasn’t already done it and beat me to it). I could have it connect to an HSSE instance in GM mode. This way ‘MIDI exports’ of flows would include the PC calls and such.

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