Export to soundcloud after render not working

got latest cb and saw that option on export which is cool. it doesnt work however, and after export it opens my browser (ive tried chrome and edge so far) and comes up with the sc login page, i do so and then i get a cubase popup to say Internal Program Erorr - error 22, and the login window freezes.

latest cb, windows 10 latest pc

any advice really appreciated, as this would be super useful feature to use, does anyone else have this issues?

video here:


many thanks


Export to the Soundcloud is not supported anymore, in fact.

The Soundcloud component is even not part of the installer. The fact is, the Soundcloud component was installed to the shared folder in the past (so you could use one component from any Cubase version). Therefore even Cubase 10.5 (where Soundcloud is also not supported anymore), same as Cubase 11 (and all upcoming Cubase version) do see this component and offer the option to the user.

But if you would have clean system installation and Cubase 11 installation only, you wouldn’t see this option anymore.

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Thanks Martin. Shame, but nevermind not a big deal to drag and drop waves into that anyway :slight_smile: