Export to Soundcloud not working - Wavelab Pro 9.5.35 (build 152)

Hello experts,

The “Export to Soundcloud” function is not working. I do the render, but then nothing gets uploaded. I´ve tried both from the Render tab and the File menu. Actually, the button “Export to Soundcloud” located in File>Render, doesn’t do anything. It just flickers when I press it, but it doesn’t “stay on”, it just causes the mouse cursor to show the little winding circle, like an OS task was triggered, but nothing else happens. (Windows 10 64bit btw)

The manual is not very clear on what to do, it just says:

  1. Click Export to SoundCloud
  2. Once you have logged in to your SoundCloud account, the file upload starts.

What does this mean? Do I login to soundcloud from a dialogue within wavelab? Does Wavelab automatically pop a google chrome tab with Soundcloud on it? Do I have manually open the chrome tab and to login to soundcloud before pressing the Render button?


I searched the forum but couldnt find this topic, only a closely related one but with an older version of wavelab elements and a system crash involved.

Is your computer connected to the internet? Then yes. If you’ve never exported before, you should get a Dialog Box when you click “Export to Soundcloud” where you can enter your login information. If that isn’t happening there may be an issue with your setup.