Export to xml file but couldn't open successfully

Hi, I met a big problem. That is, when I convert the dorico file to musicxml file, then open the xml file from other software, the staff would be squeezed from three layers to two layers.
As the image has shown, the last staff was moved up to the second staff. So the second staff has two voices. How can I solved this problem?

Music xml format is not precise, each program interprets it its own way so you should expect some manual work on such file. What I understand here is that you should filter the second voice and move it to the third staff… This shouldn’t be complicated. Or is it something else?

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But then how to convert to xml format? Because I only saw Musicxml choice.
No, the original score is three staff, but when I convert to Musicxml format, the second staff contains the second and third staff in original one

If you are not satisfied with Marc’s response, then separate your third staff from the initial piano part before exporting to XML.

You will still likely have to clean up the resulting XML import.

What are you using the XML export for? Playing it in GM? Importing to what new program?

Marc and Derrek are both correct.

An alternative would be to change your Dorico instrument to a 3 stave Organ, which will export to MusicXML correctly.

(note: MusicXML is the correct term for the format that music software sometimes refers to as just xml, or you might come across reference to mxl, which would be compressed MusicXML format)

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