Export to XML

Hi… trying to export to XML
This is my Dorico version and my XML version… what did I do wrong?



ok, won’t let me attached screen shots or xml or mxl files!

MusicXML import in Dorico is pretty good, but export is severely lacking. If you want to upload anything to the forum you need to Zip it first.

Note: or just literally add “.zip” to the file name, even if you don’t technically zip it up.

My current main customer is uploading everything to their website in xml format. It looks absolutely dreadful, I was hoping that Dorico might make it look better!

Sorry David. You may be able to find several other discussions about this on the forum. The problem is XML, and how different programs interact with it. It’s better than nothing, but rarely the airtight solution users are hoping for.

But the other problem is that the Dorico developers haven’t worked much on XML export yet, and freely admit as much.