Export track (MIDI DATA only) to another Project


Feature Request:
Export a track of the project you are working on to another project ‘MIDI Data only’.
Instead of opening the other project and importing a track.

Project file 1: When I am done arranging/ Composing I export all tracks to an audio file.
I also export a midi file (for later use to import in Dorico and create a music sheet to send of for registration of my music).
Project file 2: I then create another project and import all those audio files to start mixing.

MIDI ONLY: When I am in Project file 2, most of the time I get a few different ideas to add to existing tracks or I have to do some re-arranging to have a better mix or I want to add a new melody and create a new midi track. Sometimes I get an idea for another Project File X and create a midi track for that.
Instead of going back to Project file 1 (or Project File X) to do my changes.
I want to keep on working in project file 2, import midi track(s) from project 1 to work on or create a new midi track and when I am finished. I want to Export the midi track - midi data only - that I have worked on, to either overwrite or add as a new track, to Project File 1 (or Project File X).

Thank you for considering :slight_smile: ,
Warm Regards,
Farid Ishak