Export Tracks As MIDI Creates Multiple MIDI Tracks For Each Instrument

I have the latest Dorico Pro (4.1.10) on Windows 10.

When exporting a MIDI file from Dorico this opens in my DAW (Reaper) as three tracks for each player/instrument:

  1. Meta event.
  2. Mid Channel.
  3. Mid channel.

I have to merge these three channels into one channel in Reaper. This didn’t use to happen previously. I was able to export just one complete MIDI file.

What do I need to do to export each tack as one complete MIDI file as before?


I don’t think there’s anything different about the MIDI files exported from Dorico 4 than in previous versions; to my knowledge it exports pretty straightforward Type 1 MIDI files. Is it possible that there are some settings in Reaper now set differently than before with regard to how it is interpreting the incoming MIDI data?

Thanks Daniel.

I’m not aware of any changes made in Reaper. I’ll go and make a detailed check.

In the meantime if any other Reaper users see this thread I’d appreciate them trying a Dorico MIDI export.

An update should anyone land here following a search for a similar issue.

The MIDI file exported by Dorico is indeed good. I tried opening this in Cakewalk Sonar and also in Notation Composer and the file opened cleanly as a single Type 1 MIDI file. There is something in Reaper’s handling of the MIDI file that is the issue. At this stage I haven’t yet found what it is.