Export Tracks relying on sidechaine Flaw?!


Full of excitement, I dived into the new export feature. Finally we can do a multiple export and each individual track runs thru it’s assigned Group+FX bus!

Sadly, all my tracks relying on sidechain inserts or FX are not exported that way. The sidechain is not taken in account. Example: My pumping pad (sidechained by a compressor with an input from another track) is not pumping anymore in my exported files.

Please tell me there’s a fix for this, or else this feature is not serving it’s purpose.

Yeah from my experience the multiple export feature is still fairly dumb - any tracks using sidechain would have to be exported as before, unnasigning the key input track from the stereo buss etc.

That’s a real bummer… but I found a workaround. Well, not really efficient but it works if you want to make a job que.

Route the sidechained track to a group track. When exporting the group track the sidechain will work.

What about freeze?