Export tracks to other project

If I want to add all the settings of a piano with 4 mics to a lot of songs that I recorded
I can export and then import the 4 tracks channel settings with no media
After import, the new tracks in my other project, contains the color, name, but not the routing in and out

The routing settings are imported only if the active project contains the same routing sources and destinations as the imported track.

I did it with the same preset of routing in and out of my studio , but with no luck about routing
any help?

Hi and welcome,

Could you explain the routing? Do you expect the routing will be set while import from the project (or from Track Archive)? Or did you create a MixConsole preset?

Btw, you don’t have to export (Selected tracks), you can import tracks directly from project.

expect the same routing that I originally had in the first song, so, it should be while import from Track Archive

I just want to export a track archive of the 4 tracks, to use the name, color, routing in and out, no media,
just a fast way to set the 4 tracks and record in other projects.
I have a preset for the connections in and out, I use the same preset in all the projects
So, the manual said it should work if you have the same connection setting


Could you describe the routing, please?

All the tracks already recorded in the mix to OUT: output 1-2
Y use external headphone mixes, so, need to rout to a different output
Want to export and Import a track archive with no media from:
Piano Hi - IN: Neve1 OUT: output 3-4
Piano Low - IN: Neve2 OUT: output 3-4
Piano Bottom - IN: Capi1 OUT: output 3-4
Piano Room - IN: Capi2 OUT: output 3-4

Any ideas?


Sorry, I don’t understand it… What’s the difference between Neve1 OUT and Capi1 OUT?

I have a motu interface with 24 analog in and 24 out
All the recorded music goes to the ouput 1-2
the new tracks that I want to add and copy the routing to other songs are:
Piano HI, use Neve 1, is the analog input 1, then goes to the analog output 3-4
Piano Low, use Neve 2, is the analog input 2, then goes to the analog output 3-4
Piano Bottom, use Capi 1, is the analog input 3, then goes to the analog output 3-4
Piano Room, use Capi 2, is the analog input 4, then goes to the analog output 3-4