Export tracks with Bus processing

Normaly i Use buses when mixing for stem and other things like that. Sometimes my clients asks for mixed tracks, with my processing. The only way i can do this on Nuendo is soloing every track and export one by one… Studio one has a feature that permit exporting all tracks with group processing that is great, preserving stereo or mono group configuration. This was a great time saving…

Isn’t there a function for bouncing or whatever it’s called and it gets replaced on the track itself? With the complete path applied?

I don’t really understand why a client would ask for this rather than just get the stems, but it seems the option exists.

That would be Render in Place


For live purposes. Sometimes they ask me for individual tracks for backing tracks.

render in place doesnt process group processing.

The manual says:

Complete Signal Path
If this option is activated, the complete signal path is rendered into the new audio files, including all channel settings, group channel settings, FX send channel settings and panner settings. The new audio track is created without effects. Stereo balance panner settings are activated.

Complete Signal Path + Master FX
If this option is activated, the complete signal path and the master bus settings are rendered into the resulting audio files. This includes all channel settings, group channel settings, FX send channel settings, and panner settings.

It seems to me that if the complete path includes “group processing” then it should be… well… included, no?

Ok let me check this!

Yes, it is. Do it all the time!


Yes, it works but i don’t now why but this takes for ever on a 48 tracks Mix, and it’s not to pratical… In my opinion this should be a Export Option. Studio one done this right.

I hear you… On the other hand I really find this to be quite the exception in post-production at least here in the US. The stems are made specifically for the purpose of giving the client access to processed audio according to the “food groups” that they want. I really, really don’t see the point in sending a client a set of processed “source” tracks that all sum to the mix. Like, why on earth would the client need a checkerboarded set of 6-12 dialog tracks rather than one or two dialog stems? Makes zero sense to me.

The reason it takes longer is possibly that Nuendo was never intended to do what you are suggesting, at least not “efficiently”, so it processes things in series rather than in parallel (this is me guessing here). Because if you feed 12 tracks of dialog into a group and you want them all processed “independently on the group” then you either have to create 11 additional virtual groups for the offline render, or stack the 12 track-renders in series.

Doesn’t the Batch Export function do what you want? you can select audio channels, groups, fx returns, output busses and you get a file for each, with processing included.