Export - Use project audio folder - Change Path Folder Issue

In the export audio mixdown box, when I click ‘Use project audio folder’ but I want to go back up one folder, ie not use the Audio project folder, but use the root folder of the project instead (For example for a full track mixdown - I dont save my track mixdowns in the audio folder…) But when I click on the path window (which is currently pointing on the project), it launches a browser pointing at my desktop! This means I have to browse back into my project folder, deep in my hard drive, making the convenience of ‘Use project audio folder’ obsolete…

In short - when I click on the path window I expect it to launch the browser pointing at the path it’s currently at (my project folder for that matter), and not at the desktop.

Is there a way to solve this so or is this Cubase behavior?

I hear ya. It would be nice if there were more options than ‘Use project audio folder’…

I personally do not wish to have a bunch of rough mixes in my project folders. I typically just use a Desktop folder and place them there till the project is done. I wish for the rough mixes to be disposed of and not take up hard drive space when it is done. It is also easier to share mixes with clients from the desktop than pulling up the project folder. For me anyway…

I would suggest you ‘in Windows’ find the project folder you are working on. Add folder within that project folder and name it ‘Mixes’ or whatever. Then when you export, select ‘Choose…’ in the ‘Path’ line. Find that folder and export to that. Then save the project. Now each subsequent time you ‘Export Audio Mixdown’ Cubase will automatically pull up and export to the folder you used previously.

So yeah, it more a Windows file management thing really. Cubase can’t create a folder for you. It only has control of the folders created with a project. That does not include a separate folder for mixes within the project folder.

Hope this helps.

Not sure u totally got what I was saying…
What u describe is exactly what I do, I have a folder in the root project folder called mixes or exports, and that’s where I save both my rough mixes as well as my final mixes. (And delete the roughs when I’m done)
It’s still a pain navigating there from the desktop when that path window appears.
its much easier to navigate to the desktop from wherever but to find the mixes folder in my project folder takes ages that’s why I would have liked the path to simply pop up pointing ar the location that’s currently stated on the export path. It can still be the desktop or my project folder it doesn’t matter, currently it’s always starting from the desktop even if my path is pointing otherwise.
Does that make sense?

I guess I don’t understand.

In Windows, you just select the project folder from the drive you have it on. Then you see your mixes or exports folder right? That is three mouse clicks from what I understand.

If you are trying to have the last export folder location the same, then you only need to save the project after export. The destination folder should be the same every time you export after.

Sorry I f I am not understanding what you are wanting.

Isn’t it all a matter of personal file management habits?

For each album/band projekt I got myself sorted in a main folder (band/album name) containing several subfolders.

01 CPRs

Docs: general notes for myself, musicians notes (simple textfiles), pictures of preamp settings in case of recording over several sessions while keeping consistent signal flows etc.

CPRs: well, cprs. Usually one folder per song.

2Track: several subfolders like Roughstuff, Mixes, Masters etc.

Utility: whatever it takes. Track archives for easy setting transfers, recordings I get sent from musicians to be implemented into a song, stuff like that.

Now to come back to the problem: as long as I’m in the roughstuff phase I set the export path to 2track/roughstuff, that path is saved on cpr-level until I consciously set to amything else. Easy. The good thing is that I get a pretty good overview very quick even in projects that are years old.

This is not just a matter of data management.
I had a project that I exported a Snare reference track. Now, anytime I export, the name ( Title ) is Snare Refernce, NOT the name of the Song. To top it off, the Path listed is some folder from 2015.
Yes I go in and save it after I make my selections and it makes no difference.
What a joy it would be if it would remember the last entry !!