Export video between locators with replaced audio


One workaround for this currently is to render a segment of video separately and import that into Cubase, however that adds a time-consuming step prior to beginning work as well as losing the time reference.

As Cubase video handling is done by Quicktime, I suspect the problem here would be that actually cutting the video might require the non-free QuickTime Pro to be installed, and while that additional cost is not likely to be an issue for those who need this function, it would need to be optional for those who don’t.

IIRC some years ago Cubase used to use open source libraries for video handling; a return to that would offer a solution for all.

Wondering if any of the developers at Steinberg hit these forums. Have any of the posts regarding video export been addressed at all? Not trying to be a squeaky wheel here, I am just wondering if I am wasting my time on the boards in hopes that a feature can at least be addressed by them.

Apparently yes, but there’s seldom any feedback. It’s always worth a bump, and if enough people feel there’s a need for it, it will get some attention. If one of the moderators picks up on it and runs with it, it seems to help as well. On the other hand, I do recall waiting years for even simple changes (like batch export!) but then I’m sure it’s a matter of priority … and commercial viability.

right. makes sense. thnx.

Incidentally, with the release of Windows 10, it appears that QuickTime “cannot be installed on a Windows 10 system which basically removes the video support in Cubase and Nuendo.” Fair enough, Steinberg don’t yet support Windows 10, but is this not a good reason to ditch QuickTime (which I’m guessing is the limiting factor in not being able to export only the segment between the locators) and instead use a better cross-platform solution (for example ffmpeg)?

I’ve been wanting this forever. Well, basically just quicktime export functionality in Cubase as standard. Every other DAW has it. Trimming reels to cue size and replace audio is an incredibly cumbersome method of working when you’ve got 30 cues to cover and need to send off QT demos.

I believe Steinberg’s main response is “buy Nuendo”. That’s not really good enough considering Cubase is pushed as a composers tool.

Agreed, except as a feature request I would not be fixating on QuickTime … what we mean these days is a compatible h.264 or h.265 video file with audio. Packaging it in a QT container would be nice but to make it compatible with QT really only means making it playable by the QT player. On a PC this usually just means renaming the file extension from .mp4 to .mov for example, and even that’s not generally necessary, but some houses specify .mov as the deliverable without any understanding of the underlying technology.

I also wouldn’t expect Cubase to recode the video; it would be reasonable to expect that it could play back an MPEG or h.264 video video stream, and the “export” function would entail just “smart” cutting of the stream and muxing with the audio, rather than re-rendering. This is all possible with the afore-mentioned open source ffmpeg.

Just to note that Apple have released QuickTime 7.7.8 but on the Windows download it still says “for Vista or Windows 7”. This is apparently a security fix and there’s no claim that it will work or even install on Windows 10.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity for Steinberg to consider removing this dependency on a third party component that is breaking Cubase/Nuendo on Windows in favour of an open source solution such as ffmpeg that offers far greater flexibility and is future-proof?

I agree so much with this feature request.

This is available in Protools, Logic Pro, DP. It’s about time to make it in Cubase 8 :wink:

Logic Pro uses Quicktime , as well as Protools. And you dont need the non-free quicktime pro version.
So that should be doable.

Absolutely!! PLEASE, Steinberg, you can’t even imagine how much time and efforts this will save us.

Thank you, Steinberg.

But that’s all Apple of course… Steiny would I’m sure prefer ONE cross-platform solution. :slight_smile:

I see that the Reaper guys have adopted both VLC and the ffmpeg libraries for their ‘video support’. Wonder if there’s any truck with that…?

This would be a great feature that I’ m waiting to see in Cubase. Just cut the video and export it with the replaced audio.Please!

I can’t believe this function is not in Cubase, I’ve used PTHD for years and it’s easy to bounce mixes with the dialog to a QT mov file
Yes,this is a must have feature for anyone scoring music to picture.
Since most of my post audio work is done in PT I haven’t notice that CBP can’t do this, it can do so many things PT can’t.
So does Nuendo,not have a bounce to movie feature? I’d be surprised since it is the post audio flagship product.

YES PLEASE!! Just add video export. When I "replace audio…"the fle never syncs. Come on guys:-))

I also want to pile on here, as I always do, since this feature is SO important and SO basic and SO needed. PLEASE Steinberg consider implementing it.

I would like to have this feature also. Importing video clips into Cubase and editing them, synchronizing them, etc., all just to watch the video inside of Cubase doesn’t really help much. Being able to at least “bounce” the video so one can them add the audio to it would be great. Even better, allow a complete export of video and audio all in one! Now that, I would gladly pay extra for.

To what i know, Nuendo don’t have it either.
I wish to see this feature in Cubase.

+1 to export cue with video for a simple and regular reason as explained by KevinRiepl.

The call to get rid of QuickTime has now become urgent with the news that Apple are no longer supporting QuickTime for Windows and the fact that there are already zero-day exploits out there.

So please, Steinberg, move to ffmpeg and it should make it easy to export video!

(Quote from another thread)

Hopefully some of that work might include adding an export option …