EXPORT VIDEO - no menu to select

Hi there,

This is my problem :

I created a video project in Cubase Pro 10.6 (Windows 10).

I selectionned the tracks and the locators and activated the transport menu but the export video menu has never appeared in the File menu.

Does anybody know how to resolve this problem.

Thanks for your help.



Cubase is not a video editing program. It is an audio editor that lets you play a video while you edit an accompanying sound track. Basically you edit your video in an external program, import it into Cubase so that you can watch it, and there either add completely different audio or edit the audio captured on the video. When you export from Cubase, you can only export the audio file, and then with external software you can join the two elements together. Google Audio Spot and check out their ER Media ToolKit program. It’s really good software and dependent on donations for payment.

Sorry but you’re wrong.

Of course you can export video and sound and select the video format.