Export video of score


I’m curently using Sibelius 8 and I’m often using the “export video (of score)” to make rehearsal movies for my choir members. I adjust the level of, for example, soprano 1 and export a video directly from Sibelius with a cursor following the score and the sound as i set it up in the mixer.
Then I upload it to a YouTube-chanel and they can prepare themselves at home.

Is this feature available in Dorico today? Or if not, do you know if it’s on it’s way?


Welcome to the forum, David. There must be something in the air: this is the third thread in just a few days about this topic. Please see this earlier thread.

Thank you,

As I understand is the feature not in the software today. It really is the only thing (I think) holding me from getting Dorico. I think there are a ton of features I would really like but there is also the task of learning a new software.

Do you think that the export feature will be included in Dorico in the future?

If that’s the only thing keeping you from using Dorico, why not use one of the free, easy solutions offered in the other thread?

In the meantime, I suggest watching the “how to” playlist on the YouTube channel. Plenty of ways to learn!

Kids these days and their native video exporting. In my day if we wanted to record something on screen we downloaded an unregistered copy of Hypercam and then did nothing with the footage because YouTube wasn’t a thing yet.

I kid, I kid.

But really, Dan’s advice is good. The YouTube channel is excellent for learning the program. But Dan is also being modest. He’s got a great beginner’s guide that is also worth checking out. Just follow the link in his signature and find the “user resources” link.

I have to agree with Master_David. He described Sibelius as offering a simple integrated solution to make scrolling video scores for publishing in Youtube without messing around with other sofwares and I want this very feature in Dorico for next Christmas!

Hi Daniel,
I also need the feature which I can export Dorico file as mov file. Thanks.

At the moment we have no plans to add this feature, but this aforelinked thread should provide some help.