Export Video Settings Greyed Out

I’m trying to export video with audio from Cubase 10.5, but the options are all greyed out in the export dialogue box. Audio is set to render AAC at 192 kbp/s and I can’t change it. There has got to be a way to change this, right? Same thing with video settings, although I’m not as concerned about that.

No, this version of the Video Export has fixed setting. So you can’t choose size og compression rate for either video or sound

Wow, thanks. What an absolutely ridiculous restriction. Pretty much makes the feature pointless as I’m not about to send videos with crap audio quality to my clients. :unamused:

Hmm, not sure what clients you work but lots of directors I work with aren’t audio files or sometimes don’t have great listening setups which makes the quality plenty sufficient.
I’m just happy Steinberg finally got to make a real video exporter :slight_smile: And I’m sure they will expand the feature set in the future.

If you just need to replace audio in a video there’s plenty of other fast ways.

Sure it’s possible that many wouldn’t notice a difference, I just prefer to present my work in the best possible light. I guess I’ll just stick with using QuickTime for now. It works, although is a little clunky. I’m certainly open to other suggestions if you have any?