export video track?

Hi Guys,

I just did a bunch of sound design on about 80+ short clips (3-5 secs).
Is there a way to export the video track with omf or something else, so that I can render out the video, put the sfx underneath for demo reel purposes?



How that question stings.

The short answer is “no”.

The unanswerable follow up question is “why?”

One of several possible sarcastic answers might be “use Digital Performer”.

It would be GREAT to have this functionality.

In motivational fraternity, to the implied feature request I add: “+1”.


PS In respect to your task-- the only way I’ve been able to figure out how to do it is to make time-accurate edits of the video and using the “replace audio in video file” function. Of course, if you don’t have a timecode reference that process is basically maddening.

You can use the “Replace audio into video” function after exporting all the audio files using cicle markers. I don’t know if there is a way to automate it, but you can do it manually (a bit hard, I know).

If you’re doing this just to show off your sound design, how about a screen capture from Nuendo’s video window? Yes the quality will suffer a bit, but since it’s just for reference…

(I get a pretty darned good capture from Nuendo by kicking the video out a BlackMagic card, and redigitizing the BlackMagic’s component analog output while I watch the HDMI.)