Export video with Dialog

I was wondering if there is a way to export a video, with audio (24-bit @44.1Khz or other format) that contains dialog, i.e., from a Marker track, in the form of burned in subtitles.

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Not possible.


I understand, Nuendo is not intended to be a video application but it would be very nice to have this kind of functionality, e.g., on a blank screen but thank you for commenting.

In ER Media ToolKit you can add/burn text on the video, but currently only one line at a time. I’m working on a version that will let you drag over a CSV cycle markers file, so it will add the cycles names as captions from cycle start to the cycle end time in your video. However, this feature is far from ready, so it will not make it to the upcoming software update.


Very good proposal, I have been in need of this for a long time. For example, add notes for my partners.
nuendo developers should add this feature.

Also, while Nuendo isn’t meant to be a video editing application, the ability to add images or a single image for export, e.g., as a title, would be a very nice addition to the application I believe in addition to rendering dialog text, with or without audio.

Well, I totally understand the desire to have more features to ease the video-making process. But, as you can see only from two posts, it starts with a simple text overlay, and soon, why not a simple image in front or after the video? Next, why not an image watermark, and text watermark, then a simple dissolve between video cuts or fade in/out effect. Can you recognize a pattern here?


Yes, I believe it’s called “software development” :wink:

Also, I think there’s a fairly big jump from functions that are potentially very useful to music and post users - text overlay on video export - to aesthetic effects you’d normally only find in a NLVE.

If ER gets the feature you described a couple of posts up that would be really useful, but direct integration within Nuendo would obviously be more convenient.

I absolutely agree, but can you name one DAW that does anything beyond simple video export?
PT doesn’t even have a timecode overlay as we have.
And by the way, All the extra features described above are minor compared to more video sizes support, more bitrates support, include Surround summing channel layout, and many other features that are yet to come, and IMHO are much more basic in a DAW.