Export - volume level fail - HELP!

I have a problem with one track… it’s total 20 minutes long (4 layers + master track). But when I export it , and then open the exported stereo file - I see that the volume is getting suddenly lower after 13 seconds! I have double-checked the original project file, and also listened it - and there is no such a volume change! How is it possible that the export will that fail, and how to fix this? I’ve been working with this same Cubase5 many years, and never had this problem earlier. It’s important - I should send this track to the label so they can release it…

(I have tried many times, the volume fail comes every time!)


Hi. Did you check the Automation Lane for Volume and see if that was the cause of the volume drop?

checked all that (gain & volume). if those would have radical changes (like in the export file) I would hear it already in Cubase project. Like I told, in the project the tracks sounds fine.

I found the reason to this bug, it was a VST called TeslaSE - which was on my master track. For some reason it created that bug, but I’ve been using that VST earlier without similar problem.

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