Export .wav master - can’t adjust levels within mix

I purchased a Zoom r16 and am using the Cubase LE 10.5 software on a Mac made available to me by zoom. It is all downloaded and functional.

I recorded a band rehearsal large Sunday - 4 hours and 8 tracks on the zoom.

I have manually copied the 8 tracks .wav file over and imported them into cubase. It populates fine all 8 tracks accurately and I can listen and adjust each no problem.

I seem to not understand how to mix, master and record the 8 tracks. I do understand how to set the markers and export a .wav file. It would seem that you must set the levels and whatever they are set at, that’s what the entire “mixed” .wav file will be.

My question - is there a way to actually mark the section (a song) like above, but play through the song mixing and adjusting levels - and record and export that file?

Hope that was understandable. Can you answer this question ?

Hi and welcome,

Open MixConsole and setup the faders.