export (whole) project to Wavelab 8.5

Hi folks
I am a newbie on Cubase (Mac)
I have made a project in Cubase with 4 tracks piano. After made that recording we have recorded a cello and placed that files straight under the correct played files recorded with piano. We have in this way much fewer takes with the cello as with the piano. There are several minutes blank (with no recording)
I want to export the whole project with all the different data as clipnames to Wavelab (under Windows 7)
When I do it in my favourite way, (drag and drop with MACDrive) it goes well with the painotracks (all the files in the different 4 tracks have the same length), but the filelength from the cello are different and they came not on the good place.

I have tried to export the tracks 5 and further and imported them in Wavelab, but the aligning isn’t good.
In the Cubase project they are aligned, but in Wavelab imported the time between the different clips seems several seconds shorter.
I have looked in the manual, but I could not see that I make a mistake.

Must I export the whole project to Wavelab ?
And so yes, is there a way to retain the clipnames and clipnumers ?

Can anyone help me ?


Nobody can help ?