export with metronome

Someone wants me to email a part from a song with the metronome included to sync to his setup. How would I do this?

I would just add a simple instrument track with my own “metronome”. A lot easier to control and more flexible than using the Cubase click, IMO. And easy to include in an export.

Easiest way is to set up a track with beat designer.

As there are tempo changes, manually adding a metronome wouldn’t be as accurate.
Do what with beat designer?

Why wouldn’t a MIDI/Instrument track follow tempo changes?

As accurate as what? The audio beeps? I guess you could do some testing to find out, but how much different do you think it would be?

And what exactly do you mean by “to sync to his setup”?

The recorded track has retards at the beginning and end. The middle doesn’t vary. I could tap all the way trhough and quantize to the beat, I guess. Years ago I accidentally recorded the click track onto an audio instrument track. Can’t remember if I sent it ou tand recorded back in, or if it was on a different setup.
I though there was some other way.
I don’t know what he meant by sync to his setup.

Because it is set to linear timebase

Beat Designer plays a pattern as a loop in playmode.
So if you just load up a vsti with beatdesigner on it and
add some blocks for 1234 you’ll get a click track.
The advantage is that you don’t even have to create Midi events

  • that you can easily use different sounds + that you can easily record that

That is the correct answer. But, you know that :nerd: .

I guess I was assuming you already had the song following a grid with a tempo track. I’m still a bit confused as to what it is you are wanting to do.

So, do you already have a tempo track set up with the Cubase metronome following the changes?

I have a finished song that had midi parts. They were converted to audio tracks. Real players were added to some parts. There is a real guitar track. Another guitarist wants the guitar track with a click track to learn the part.

The song is in 5/4 and was recorded to Cubase metronome track. I believe I created the intro and ending retards by changing the midi timing and before the midi to audio and live players were added. Since this was years ago, I’m not sure.

I hope this is more clear.