Export XML Does Not Create a File in Dorico

When trying to export an XML file from the dialog found via File > Export > MusicXML, no file is created. It does not do anything. Has anyone experienced this problem? Any tips or a fix would be much appreciated. I already tried restarting both the program and my Windows 10 computer.

Although XML export certainly should work, you should know that it will likely not be very satisfactory at this point. XML import into Dorico is pretty decent, but export is still rather under development.

Also, I have no idea if this would fix your problem, but you should upgrade to version 2.2.10.

Thank you. I actually just noticed there was that new update from February 5. It works now.

The reason I wanted the XML was to make a better mp3 mockup of my score with Noteperformer in Sibelius. Unfortunately, there are still too many issues with Noteperformer in Dorico to be as useful. I’m confident that will change soon enough, though.