export xml seperate flow doesn't import in Nuendo or Dorico itself

I tried to export one of the ten flows of a project as an XML file.

Then import in Nuendo failed
import xml failed.PNG
Then I tried import in Dorico and Dorico crashed.
Import XML in Dorico from Sibelius or Nuendo is no problem.
Any ideas?

When exporting a project with one flow only, you can import all the layouts (including the full score) very well in Nuendo. When trying to import the same xml in Dorico itself, Dorico still crashes…
Are these known problems?

Can you attach the MusicXML file that is causing the crash here? Please zip it up first.

Here are three MusicXML files. I took the Bass Guitar layouts: “20 million things to do” and “Alison” are the first two flows of the project. They won’t open in Nuendo. “A Salty Dog” is the third flow and opens just fine (as well as the following flows)
Bass Guitar layouts.rar (5.92 KB)
“Alison” doesn’t open in Dorico as well

Daniel, for the sake of simplicity, hereby a zipped up MusicXML file, a Bass layout, exported from a flow in Dorico.
On my system, importing in Nuendo fails.
XML.zip (2.53 KB)

Which version of Nuendo are you trying to import into?

It was version 8.0.10. I just updated to 8.0.15, which is the latest. Import still fails.

OK, we’ll give this a try as soon as we can.

Could you please email the project from which these MusicXML files were exported? My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.