Hi guys and gals

New to Cubase 8 Pro. Now that I’m using it I’m wondering why it took me so long to make the jump to it… All I can say is WOW and its become my Favorite tool for writing Music!! Thanks Steinberg! Please keep up the great work!!

With that said I might have missed this, but it would be nice to be able to Export your song by selecting the Arranger Track. I do find it an extra step (breaking the workflow) to have to go through and pick a range when I already set up the song I want in the Arranger Track. The Arranger track is great and seems under utilized when it comes to Export.

Its seems logical to me to be able just to pick the option on Export “Use Arranger Track” for range and your done… no having to go and manually select the range in the song.

Yea its a really minor thing… but its the little details that takes a really good piece of software and makes it GREAT!

Thanks again for my new favorite DAW… no more Protools… or Studio One for me now, except pulling in my old songs from them into Cubase Pro 8 and re-arranging …oh joy…lol Cubase All the way!!!