Exported audio contains only 0 values


I’ve exported the audio for my Dorico 4 project (coming from Dorico 3.5) using NotePerformer 3, but the generated audio file is only plenty of 0 values. I’ve tried all 3 file formats with the same result.

The length of the file is the expected one (in seconds), but no sound. Clearly I correctly hear the playback from Dorico 4. AudioHijack is currently my only option to have an exported audio file.

I don’t know what might be going on here. Can you make sure that the layout from which you want the audio file to be exported is the layout that is active and frontmost in your Dorico window before you export?

I have some new, but before let me tell that once you’ve checked the Broadcast Wave, next time you open the export dialog it is checked by default (as expected). If I uncheck it, next opening of the export dialog it is still checked (while I was expecting not to be).

Now this is what I’ve done:

  • I started from a NotePerformer-based full orchestral score.
  • Then I’ve duplicated it (calling it “Full score + sketch”) and added only to it a new piano instrument with 4 staves, and a percussion instrument at the very bottom of the score and grouped them. The piano instrument was renamed “Sketch” and the percussion one “Chord”. This last one is used to write the chords of the piece and the large piano for sketching what has later to be orchestrated.
  • I’ve added music on the sketch piano, and chords on the percussion instrument. Everything’s is displayed fine, and I can hear the playback.
  • Then I’ve exported the flow having “Full score + sketch” layout chosen. The bad audio file is created.
  • I’ve also created a new layout for only the 2 grouped instruments. Having this layout chosen, the export created again a bad audio file.
  • After your previous comment, I’ve tried the original “Full score” layout (adding few notes here and there in various instruments) and the export worked fine, without the sketch piano (as expected).
  • After the successful export, I switched back to “Full score + sketch” layout to see if at least the new notes added here and there were rendere, but still exporting with this layout selected created a bad file.

Just a final note, the project was not started from scratch in Dorico 4, but I’ve used a template I’ve made with Dorico 3.5, opened with Dorico 4, and after that I’ve added the 2 new instruments.

If you find that exporting audio from this particular project reproducibly causes a problem, please either upload the project itself here, or send it to me via a private message.