exported audio folder structure

Is there a way to set the default folder structure for exporting audio in Dorico? I like to have a folder of audio previews for all my projects so that I don’t have to open each project to hear what it sounds like but Dorico creates nested folders when exporting audio so that you get both a folder for the project and a folder within it for the flow. This makes it so that I can’t quickly arrow down and preview audio files all within one folder. Right now I am moving the exported audio file from the nested folder into a common folder but it’s a cumbersome annoyance every time I want to export an audio preview. Thanks for any help!

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Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment, but we do hope to improve this in the future to work in a similar way to the other Export functions, where you’ll be able to use your own combination of tokens in the filename.

Ok, sounds good. Thanks Paul!