Exported audio is ending up ahead of the beat by significant, audible amount


I’m using the locaters to line up my files that I’m exporting for a mix engineer, but when I import the files back in to check them, they’re ahead of the beat.

eg a snare hit that originally sat just after the start of bar 2 ends up sitting at when I import the exported track back in, regardless I’ve snapped the beginning of the file to the same locater used for exporting.

The negative offset seems to be a consistent each time I export a track.

What should I be checking for here to fix it please?

Thank you for your time and help.

I isolated the problem to the Lurssen Mastering Console plugin (on the master bus). When it’s turned on or off, the exported tracks are fine. However, when it’s bypassed ie greyed out, the tracks are chopped off at the beginning.

Not sure if this is a plugin or Cubase issue, but I have notified IK Multimedia.

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