Exported audio issue outside of Cubase (boomy, messy EQ mixdown)

Hi everyone, pretty much what’s in the title. It sounds amazing in Cubase (ASIO4ALL driver) but then after exporting it sounds terrible in VLC etc. When I put the exported audio file back into Cubase it’s fine again.

The key might be in that other audio files sound identical in or out of Cubase. It’s literally just the tracks I export that become messy outside of Cubase. Tracks from the internet sound identical.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

The most common cause of this is that whatever app you are using to listen to the track in Windows (or Mac???) is processing the audio to make it sound “better.” Common culprits are EQ/bass-boost, compression, and stereo “enhancement”.

Also if you are using any plug-ins on the Control Room Inserts those are only applied to Cubase playback and that processing will not occur when you Export audio.

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