Exported Audio MixDown Longer than Original project

For some reason when I mixdown my project first project in 8.5.15 the file is longer than the original project. I’ve verified the pool files are all 48K / 16bit and the Export. Audio mixdown… Audio Engine Output is also 48K / 16 bit.

Can anyone assist as to why my files are not the same lengths?


Thanks in advance for any assistance

Figured it out…

There are 3 sections where the Sample Rate and Bit depth needs to be configured the same:

  1. Import the audio at the correct Sample Rate and Bit depth
  2. Project, Project Setup: Sample Rate and Bit Resolution
  3. File, Export, Audio Mixdown, Audio Engine Output: Sample Rate and Bit depth

My issue was the Project Setup, Sample Rate was set to 44.1K and needed to be set to 48K

Note a window poped up asking to keep markers w/ audio (forget exactly what it said), I selected yes. It took about 10-15 minutes for the files re-process a 2 hour session. If NO is selected my project events got all chopped up and separated. Closed my project w/out saving and re-opened then selected yes.