Exported audio plays slow

So I recorded a band at 48khz in a 44.1khz project. When I played it back it was slower and lower pitch. I have since corrected that issue, and it played at regular speed in the project. So I mixed and project and exported to wav and mp3, but its BACK to being slow even thought the project is playing at normal speed and pitch.

I did make sure the exporting choices matched my sample rate but it does NOTHING. I am out of options. Can anyone help?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your Audio Device Sample Rate matches your player Sample Rate, please.

Yup, I agree I will double check in the future, but is there no way to change it now in post?


Just change the Sample Rate of the Audio Device, please.

Would it matter that i’ve since disconnected from the device? I can connect to it again tomorrow (separate travel studio). I can hook back up and change the sample rate then. I can give that a shot.