Exported file slowed down/altered


New to the forum and to Cubase.

I’m using a Seaboard Block from Roli to record some MPE sounds and when I try to export the final result I get a 1.50 minutes long file (original in Cubase is 56 seconds). I checked my sample rate settings but I can’t find what am I doing wrong. The sound feels different from the one in the programme. When I check the option to put the exported file back into the project once again it sounds just fine. I tried to speed up the exported file 2x but it does not solve the problem, the sound is somehow changed.

Export settings are wav, 24bit, 44100 Hz.

Can someone help my with this?

Hi and welcome,

What WAV player do you use, please?

Make sure the player is using the same Sample Rate as your Audio Device, please.