Exported file Slower than project on DAW !

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So I’ve just got myself a new configuration here, started working with apollo Twin Mk2 Duo and its on board console, just switched to Cubase from Logic Pro X, and went from Apple to Windows…So I feel like I dont know anything anymore!

Everything is working correctly when I record (in this example im recording in 44Khz , 32 bit float and trying to export it to mp3), I’ve got my BPM at 162, but when it comes to exporting the file (Ive tried every single possible way/format/res) the final product on my desktop has been slowed down by like 10%…
Not many videos out there on exporting from the new presentation on Cubase10, and Im new to this DAW so I might just be doing something realy dumb atm !! Could it be my configuration the Apollo?
or has it got something to do in my DAW preferences?

Any suggestions ? my friend told me that Cubase might be overloading but its a brand new Fix PC on 64go RAM so I doubt it…
Or that I’m recording in 48khz and exporting in 44khz, but on both cubase and my apollo console I’ve got 44khz marked on it!

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Can you also hear a pitch change?

Isn’t it caused by different Audio Device and Player sample rate settings?