Exported Layers are silent in Waves Plugins

When I Unmix a mono track and separate vocals, then export the result (with the bleed/extra turned down) all my Waves plugins won’t see the audio when I import it back into Cubase.

Open a mono wav file in SL

Unmix with these settings
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 1.13.53 AM

Export the altered file to a 24 bit 48k wav

Import to Cubase and insert a waves plugin (Rovox, RComp, etc)

Plugin has no effect on the file and won’t show in the meters of plugin

My initial files are 24-48 and Im on Mac osx11. They work as expected. I’ve tried the exported files in Reaper and the Waves plugins work fine. It’s something in Cubase or in the export process.

Tried in SL 7 & 8 with Cubase 10.5, 11 & 12

Just to be clear, if you import the wav file in Cubase and don’t apply any plugin to it, Cubase plays it as expected ? It’s only when you insert a Waves plugin that it become silent ?

The file isn’t silent. It just isn’t recognized by the waves plugins. No meter activity, no effect when changing settings (more compression etc)

Cubase has no problem with the file. It’s the Waves plugins.

That’s a strange issue but it looks like in this case the issue is either with Cubase or Waves rather than SpectraLayers. I would suggest opening an issue in the Cubase forum with a wav sample reproducing the issue, and the Waves plugin reproducing the issue as well. You could also open the same issue in the Waves forum, if there’s one.