Exported MIDI does not contain text for notes, among other issues

I have previously been able to export text data, for each note using Cubase 10.5 however upon using Nuendo 11, I have found that text data is not exported with a MIDI file.

When importing a MIDI file into a different project, there is no text data for each note so I am wondering if this is Nuendo specific, or whether this happens with Cubase as well.

I know that Nuendo is geared for dialog but to lose this feature for no reason does not make sense, when there is no option in the export dialog.

The program is otherwise working well, with the usual graphics limitations impacting on sound, which usually resolves itself over time; such as when horizontally scrolling in the Key Editor.

Also, it would be nice if the new Studio Connections dialog, had its’ Advanced Options opened by default, in a similar way to how the export dialog currently works so I hope my feedback is welcome and may produce improvements to the application since overall, the program is getting a facelift.


Apologies, but I need to bump this and I can’t edit an old post.

The premise of my post is that important functionality appears to have been lost, and as I create scores from MIDI files, I really need this to work (If Dorico does something along these lines, someone can chime in).

I would use MusicXML but it is problematic, since the standards aren’t well defined.

Migrating to Neundo also means I will lose my Cubase license as well, and while it may not be considered a reason to not upgrade, it is rather worrying and I’m sure others would agree.

If there is any information on this, I would be very much in appreciation.

Regards to all

P.S. a Windows Quality Update fixed playback issues, along with a video driver upgrade, so all good on that front.