exported mp3 file has no sound

I have a project with four flows. I created exported mp3 files for each flow, but only the file of the first flow has sound. What am I doing wrong?

Audio is exported based on the players in the uppermost score layout in the right panel of Setup mode. Does that layout contain all four flows? If not, you’ll need to drag the layout(s) containing the 2nd-4th flows to the top of the list and repeat the export.

The uppermost layout does contain all four flows. One unusual factor: I merged four separate projects together, which each becoming a flow. The flows seem integrated well, as on playback, all four play in order. I created wav export files which work fine, but the mp3 ones do not.

If it works for wav files, I see no reason why it would not for mp3. Is it possible that you send me your project file to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’? Thanks

Will do. Thanks!

Actually, turned out to be not a problem on Dorico side. The mp3s were valid and contained audio.
It was iTunes (and probably its caching mechanism) that fooled the op and made him think the mp3s are empty.

Hi! I need some help with the same issue. I’m exporting my song as mp3, and it plays in Windows Media Player and Groove Music, but there is no sound. Can someone help me please? I really appreciate it!


Welcome to the forum, Ellen. Do you get the same problem with all projects, or just one of your project? Could it be that you’re just not getting any sound of any kind from any application other than Dorico when Dorico is running? Try quitting Dorico and then see if you can hear your MP3 file. If you do, then you need to take a look at this video for the troubleshooting steps that will allow you to get sound from all applications while Dorico is running.

Hi Daniel, thank you! I’m using Cubase Elements 10.5 and I have Yamaha Digital Piano as my MIDI input. When I close Cubase and listen to the MP3 there is still no sound on my pc desktop. I’ve also tried to send the file to my mail, but same issue there. Curious to know the answer here! I really appreciate your help.


Hi Eilen, would you please send an example project as well as the exported mp3 to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

Hi I am having a similar issue. I am using a Yamaha MODX as my midi keyboard. I hear sound in playback, but when I export I have no sound. I tried also exporting a midi file to cubase EL, and only one part played. I have exported both wav and mp3 but neither have sound when listened to using quick time, or in I tunes, the track shows that it is the correct length for the flow and running as though it is playing but no sound. have quite out of Dorico, checked my sound input (no sound when listening through the MODX or through internal speakers).
Help would be most appreciated. I am not very good at the setting up of devices with DAW but I am getting sound in playback mode using my MODX,

In Setup, what layout is at the top of your layout list in the right column. As Leo said above (many moons ago) audio exports use the top Score layout listed to export audio, so an instrument layout with no notes or no instrument assigned in Play will give you silence.

Just a thought. You can drag layout up and down that Setup list.

Hi bekahlee,
just for clarification: For playing back the score you have set up Dorico to use the sound generator of the MODX, i.e. Dorico sends MIDI information to the MODX and the MODX then produces the sound? Or do you let HALion Sonic (or some other VSTInstrument) generate the sound from within Dorico?

Yes thanks guys. Derek: yes I checked that I had the layout list with full score at the top.but thank you for the suggestion. Ulf:
thanks yes I was using the MODX as the Sound generator, and to be honest I really am never sure if I had got it working right. I wasn’t able to input notes through the MODX keyboard even though I would get sound and it was playing the notes I put in by hand onto the score ib write mode etc.
However I thought I might have a go with using the HALion instruments and see if I could get things working that way, and now I’m not getting any sound in that project at all. :frowning:
I think it is my inexperience with how to connect up my devices as I have always struggled with with this.
I tried even to export a midi file back into cubase el and found that the all voice except would give me sound even if they weren’t the right instrument. Any how I think that’s to many variables in the equation.
I am going back to try and work through some videos and see if I can get a better understanding of how 1) the MODX connects with Dorico, and 2) how to set up and use the HALion sounds.
Any thoughts most welcome.

The easiest way to get sound with HALion Sonic is to go to Play Mode and then from the menu choose Play > Playback Template. There select the HALion template and everything gets set up automatically. Provided then that you have your audio device set up correctly (Edit > Device Setup), you shall get sound out immediately.

Btw, if you use the MODX for sound generation, then Dorico just streams MIDI data to the MODX and consequently an audio export from Dorico will simply stay mute.

I have worked out that the HALion setting in the mixer, are causing me issues. Some of the lower notes written for my double bass line are not sounding at all, and the volume level on the key board slider continues to drop down to 0 level so no sound. It continues to reset to this every time I go back to the play window. If I start the playback then go into the mixer I can bring these levels up manually, but the lower notes are showing on the keyboard as grey keys and they are not sounding.

Go to Edit > Device Setup. What audio devices are listed there and from which device do you expect sound to come out?

MODX. But I’m using this just as a midi controller at the moment. Every time I go into the play mode in Dorico from the edit instrument ( Halion SE) the modulation wheel in the instrument window to the left of the keyboard in SE has dropped to 0 level and there is no sound. if I want to hear the play back I have to adjust every instruments mod wheel up again, then I can hear ( but it is still quite low level despite my MODX ( output only comes through MODX) volume on full.

What if you go to Play mode and reapply the playback template via Play > Playback Template?

Yes this worked thank you, although I still have very low output levels, (level coming through headphones output of MODX).
I think have to learn a few more things about setup between MODX and MacBook Pro, like why I get no sound if I set output to computer speakers/ headphones, but only get sound ( very low) through the outputs of the MODX.
Appreciate your time, thank you.