Exported MP3 Mixdowns: Wavefile in Project?

I have a question about Export Audio Mixdown.

I exported a couple of Mixdowns in MP3 format to share them with recorded musicians.
Now I want to make cd’s of these mixdowns.
For this, I don’t want to use the compressed mp3s, converted to Wavefiles.
When I made those Mixdowns in Cubase I set the option Import into Project, where they appear as Wafefiles.
My question is, are these Wavefiles in the Project the converted MP3 files?
Or uncompressed Wave mixes which I can use for the CD’s?


They are wav files that are converted from MP3, so they are in a lossy quality.
You will have to export the mixdown to a non lossy format like wav again, for full audio quality.

Ok, thanks for the quick answer!
Yes, I will have to invest some more time in making the new mixdowns then.